“heavy” police presence in anti ISIS protests through Angel

Hundreds of Kurdish protesters are marching through Central London challenging MPs and the west to “wake up”.

The protest, organised by the Kurdish Community Centre according to fellow activists, began at Trafalgar Square this afternoon. The activists were seen marching from Kings Cross station just after 7:00pm. Those involved then moved through the city onto Pentonville Road chanting “your silence is killing children. Your silence is killing women”.

Mehmet, a fellow protester who had brought his own megaphone, said “we are protesting against ISIS today to get the west’s attention. To let them know we won’t stand in silence. The Turks and the Kurds haven’t had the best relationship, but there are children and women being massacred. They need to act”.

Kurdish protesters uniting against western "silence"

There was heavy police presence on the move, with almost 10 police officers on the ground and two riot vans following the march.

Jamie, 24, was walking home from Kings Cross station when he saw the march. He said: “It looked large and loud but fairly peaceful.

“There seemed like there was a pretty heavy police presence for what looked like a peaceful protest. Im worried that the more police are turning up the more likely it’s going to escalate later on”.

Police presence continues to grow as the protest gathers strength. At 7:30pm a further 2 police cars were heard rushing to Angel station where the protest has reached.

More on this to follow…

“heavy” police presence in anti ISIS protests through Angel

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