8 food blogs to follow for Fairtrade month

October marks the start of Fair Trade Month, and the food blogs are going crazy with anything made from something out of the rainforest. Here’s a selection of some of the best established food blogs and sites on the net and what they’re doing to celebrate!


1. A Couple Cooks

This writer + photographer couple have made a home for themselves on the net by posting great ideas and stunning images of whole food meals.

Why follow them? Not only is the photography irresistible, they’re having a prize giveaway this month with a load of ethical goodies. If you’re looking for recipes that look like junk-food but aren’t then this is for you. Their chocolate surprise truffles are vegan, raw, gluten and guilt-free.

2. Sprinklebakes

Unapologetic food porn. This site has cookie milkshakes, chocolates, cake, cookie pies and anything else that isn’t savoury.

Why follow them? Heather is one of many food bloggers invited by Befair.com to contribute recipes using ethically-sourced ingredients and tell a fair trade farmer’s story. Her first post tracks the life of coffee grower Basinga Maria and offers up some sinful-looking chocolate cakes.

3. Edible Perspective

Much like A Couple Cooks, Edible Perspective is all about food photography. The food is anything from gluten-free to vegetarian to pig-out snacks.

Why follow them? Ashley’s hot drinks recipes kick off a fair trade October that looks imminently edible.

4. This Week For Dinner

This self help food diary turned blog is perfect for tracking a weekly budget and making sure food is never wasted. It’s ideal for anyone on a budget and with little time on their hands.

Why follow them? Cage-free, fair trade, GMO free. These granola bars have more morals than you.

5. Organic Matters

Not so much a food blog as a lifestyle site, this page tells you everything you need to know about the organic and ethical food trades. The site posts anything from recipe ideas to the latest news on organic farming.

Why follow them? If you’re really into the food industry and have a passion for ethical trading, this site is for you. Their first post this month hits the nail on the head talking about why fair trade month is so important for farmers around the world.

6. Equal Exchange

Much like Organic Matters, Equal Exchange has all you need to prepare for October. Everything from fair trade recipes to info about the industry, the website delivers everything in a style that makes it accessible to foodies who might not know so much about ethical farming.

Why follow them? This post tells you everything you need to know to get involved this month.

7. Jelly Toast

No-nonsense home cooking and comfort food offered up in stunning images. That’s all you need to know about Jelly Toast. Every recipe in this blog is easy to recreate at home and, judging by the photos, are what you’ve been missing your whole life.

Why Follow them? This pumpkin spice mocha. No further explanation needed.

8. Fairtrade.org.uk

No post about the Fair Trade cause would be complete without a tip of the hat to the organisation that started it all. Their #Befair campaign has galvanised some of the biggest names in food blogging to raise awareness of what switching to fair trade produce can do for communities all over the world.

Why Follow them? It’s the flagship of the Fair Trade mission. This blog shows you how you can help, where to buy and opens up a dialogue between donators and the communities they’re helping.

8 food blogs to follow for Fairtrade month

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